Tuesday , June 27 2017

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  • The Stigma About Snacking

    When you’re in-between meals and looking for a way to satisfy your hunger, it’s easy to reach for your favorite bag of chips or a king-sized Kit Kat bar. However, these snacks can only curb your hunger for a sec – before you know it you’re back to where you …

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  • The buzz on bees

    The global honeybee population is decreasing due to pollution, loss of habitat and rising water temperatures. The consequence of losing our bees is severe – no other species plays a significant role in producing our fruits and vegetables like the bee. Beekeepers have noticed the decrease in honey bee populations …

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  • Kaiser Permanente Releases New Study Showing Sooner is Better For Follow-Up Colonoscopy

    Making sure you take a fecal screening test is key to catching colon cancer early. However, anxiety may occur when receiving a positive fecal screening test. Calling your doctor for a follow-up can decrease the risk of colorectal cancer. The risk of colorectal cancer increased significantly when colonoscopy was delayed …

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